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HTPC help

I am thinking about buying a HTPC/mediacenter but not sure about all parts.

My goal is a powerful but quiet enough to be on 24/7.

Chassi: nice looking, black.
Cpu: intel i5 2400
Mobo: needs to have 2x LAN ports for my xbox. Also no need for integrated graphic.
GPU: good silent that can play 1080 and HDMI (with sound?)
memory: 4-6 GB DDR3
PSU: silent and low cost when running 24/7

So mainly I need good Mobos and a good chassi manufacturing company I can look at.

Please comment with your thoughts and links to good project.
Price isnt to important but looking for a mid end htpc, I dont need it for gaming.
So maybe around max $1000-1200 for everything,

Quiet, good PSU(low cost), good looking is the key!

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