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Post your Gun Master whishlist!

Good morning!

In a future update we will add more Gun master weapon lists for admins to select from.

What I am doing right now is looking into what players would like to play and select from and I want your own lists posted as comments in this thread!

We will still keep the normal list that we have today and add a reversed one but no major changes will be done to it after Armored Kill that removes the MK3A1 frag rounds with flechette shells.

Ground rules

  • 5- 17 weapons
  • Last level should be the knife
  • 1-x kills per level but same number throughout the list except last 2

This is your chance to make your ideas heard and I want to make the lists you want to play so fill up the comment section with them!

No one from DICE will be commenting in this thread,
its for hearing out your ideas only, not commenting on them.

Anyone who acts like me or any other DICE employee is a fraud.

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