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BF3: Back to Karkand screenshots!

CVG just posted a couple of new screenshots from Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand taken under one of our playtests, have a look!

This is what I am working on atm when I am not playing BF3 at home, now its time to play some more and get more unlocks =)

New BF3 Multiplayer Trailer with Karkand material!

Get your first glimpse of the new Back to karkand maps ;)

All new #BF3 footage in 1 clip

Here is all the new footage from the “EA PWNED” episode about BF3 cut together into one 1:54 long clip.

EA PWNED: Battlefield 3 special

EA’s own gameshow “PWNED” visited DICE last week and recorded a Battlefield 3 special that you can watch below!

This show is actually awesome since it shows you behind the scene of developing BF3!

Sharqi and Oman concepts!

The Battlefield blog posted 2 new concepts from 2 of the maps I am working on atm, Gulf of Oman and Sharqi Penisula.

I have set up all the different game modes on them the last couple of days and are preparing to start playtesting them really soon.




Remember that these are concepts that we use for lightning and feeling, object placements is not necessary final =)


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