Welcome to my portfolio where I collect my experience within the digital world!

Current employer: EA Digital Illusion, DICE.
Role: Lead Gameplay Designer



Currently working on:

Star Wars Battlefront


Battlefield 4 expansions 

 Lead Gameplay Designer

  • China Rising
  • Naval Strike

Announced projects

Released projects

Battlefield 4

Gameplay Designer

Battlefield 3 expansions

Gameplay Designer/Lead Designer

  • Armored Kill
  • Aftermath
  • End game

Gameplay Designer

  • Back to karkand
  • Close quarters

Battlefield 3

#1 Prio: Gameplay Designer on BF3 DLC “Back to karkand”
#2 Prio: Additional Design on BF3 and gameplay logic

BF3 Producer: Patrick Bach
DLC Producer: Björn Johnsson


Battlefield Bad Company 2:Vietnam
Xbox360, PS3, PC

Gameplay Designer

Producer: Björn Johnsson

Medal of Honor: Multiplayer
Xbox360, PS3, PC

Gameplay Designer , weapons, vehicle and level design.

Producer: Patrick Liu

Battlefield Bad Company 2 (2009)
Xbox360, PS3, PC

Additional gameplay design and feature implementation on SP levels and MP feedback.

Producer: Patrick Bach

Battlefield 1943 (Mars 2008 -> August 2009)
Xbox360, PS3, PC

Focused actionpacked DLC game with insperation from Battlefield 1942.
My main responsibility is tweaking all the weapons, vehicles, level logic to make sure the gameplay experience is the best it can be.

Producer: Patrick Liu

Battlefield Bad Company ( Q3 2008)
Conquest DLC for Xbox360 & PS3

Designed and made 4 new conquest levels for a free DLC package. Associate

Producer: Gordon Van Dyke
Level artist: Johannes Fors




Founded and programmed this portal that is swedens biggest Battlefield 2 community. Today located at BFHQ.se


Founded and programmed this portal that is swedens biggest Battlefield 2142 community. Today located at BFHQ.se


Founded and programmed this portal when it still was a big buzz about it before release.


Programmed this personal website for an 3D artist and friend. Not my visual design.


Programmed this personal website for an a visual merchandizer/painter and friend.


Designed and added features for my own blog.



  1. Are you at liberty to share whether or not majority of DICE is working on MoH, or BF3. I completely understand MoH on the financial standpoint, but BadCompany2 ain’t cutting the cake. Its not battlefield enough. Lack of large scale battles, IE Jets and Several(not two) Choppers, Tanks, APCs Jeeps, the whole shabang BF2 was but better. Yins gotta give us losers something to droll over.

    Maybe an official E3 confirmation?

  2. Just letting you know says:

    Just letting you know, that if done right BF3 will be the second coming of christ for many pc gamers.

    mod tools and dedi servers heres hoping :)

  3. **** says:

    Agree with both previous comments. BF3 has to be the most anticipated PC game in history…and were still waiting lol

  4. Hello! Can I take pics from your site for my school research work?

  5. Mark says:

    Hey Gustav

    Nice site! i hope to become a game designer one day :) working hard on it in udk and making stuff in 3ds max. Cya man!

  6. seby says:

    So you the great designer who designed MOH weapons eh! just two words: Great job! Great Job! I hope the BF3’s weapons would look like end even better than MOH. Sometimes I stare the weapons in MOH without playing. All my friends can prove how many screen shots with weapons I sent to them

  7. David Varela says:

    Hi, Just wanted to say great site, and I will take full advantage of everything you have to offer here. thank you! I have BF3 facebook and twitter pages, and have a dream of working @ or selling my ideas to EA/DICE. I’m looking for new friends, feel free to add me on facebook, if you would like to learn more about me. http://www.facebook.com/davespanzer

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