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Updating soon

Just a quick note. I haven’t updated my site for a while but I am planning a new layout which will make it easier for you and me :)
Follow my Twitter in the meantime to see what I am doing and talk to me!

Battlefield 1943 is not released on PC

Battlefield 1943 is not released on PC, its an error signed EA Store =)

In Los Angeles

in LA to show MOH :)

Out of codes!

The respons was much more then what I expected on my little blog, I guess the word spread fast =)
I am sorry to say that all my 60+ codes are sent already.

I will let you know if I get any more sent to me and i will try to look out for other options to get hold of codes!

Cya on the battlefield, my nick is “cmd_” in the BC2 PC beta.

Happy New Year!

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