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DICEs own store is now live!


The good news just keep coming!
Tomorrow the BF3 beta stars for everyone and just now the new DICE store went live!

Head in and have a look at all the awesome DICE branded stuff and soon even custom branded hardware including mice and keyboards from a leading brand :)

ยป The official DICE store

Ventura parked outside our office today!

This morning one of the two biggest cruising ships in the world stood parked outside our office window!
Always fun when this and its sistership is visiting Stockholm!


Something for Mirrors Edge? =)

This guy is amazing, watch him jump!

EMBED-Damien Walters Vaults Off Moving Car – Watch more free videos

Sick video =)

Completly unrelated to gaming, but does this guy have skillz?

Inspired. Danny MacAskill from dave on Vimeo.

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