Gustav Halling, 2Gustav8

Stockholm, Sweden

Contact information
Facebook: Gustav Halling
Twitter: gustavhalling
Steam ID: cmd

My life so far
I was born and raised in a town called Västervik, studied “natur” and “samhäll” at the Gymnasium and moved a short period of time to Göteborg before I went to work at DICE in Stockholm.

My way into the gaming industry
Gaming have always been a big part of my life and I have been playing in the higher ranked clans in games like Counter-strike, Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2.
Under the gymnasium (Swedish school system) my interests made me found and make the site that would grow to be one of the most visited Battlefield 2 sites in the world, BF2.se.

This led me to visit DICE several times for the community sites I controlled and I got later on offered a job as a designer and that is how I ended up to have one of the greatest job in the world, working by doing what I love the most, develop and play games.

My job description
As a Lead Gameplay Designer I am touching all the different areas of a game.
My specialization is with in gameplay design and I’m main workload is designing and tweaking weapons, vehicles, level logic and balancing all those parts to one whole experience.


  1. G2 says:

    So, how come i need to empty 20+ bullets with AK into a guy just to kill him? Yes its BF2 i’m taking about and i have fiber optic conn…ping 27-30. Nice job there…

  2. G2 says:

    Then they should sell it only in Sweden coz it’s unplayable elsewhere :(

  3. code47 says:

    I hope that in bfbc 2 i could kill what i see :)

  4. Hello! thank you for the superb blog. stay the best!

  5. David Varela says:

    Great Site, thanks for all you do!

  6. I have an idea to share. I like taking dog tags. To heighten the pleasure, consider adding singular dog tags to the game. It begins with the first person (of ALL battlefield players on a platform) to perform a certain feat. The person who has this dog tag gets a blue marker on opposing players’ maps. He has to play at least x hours a week to defend the tag, or else forfeit the tag. He can play any game mode. If the tag gets snatched, the snatcher wears it automatically and mandatorily. This creates sort of a game within a game, and increases longevity. The title and defense period is shown on the team roster during and after games. Another screen shows the progression of who took the tag. It also shows how the tag has travels over geographical locations. The rarity of the tag will create a sort of Afro Samurai / Pokemon kind of effect. The top 3 defenders have their names engraved on it like the stanley cup. Of course, the idea is yours. However, if you like it, please contact me for a conversation. On FB is good. I’m QNoir on PS3. Quintus Greene on Facebook

  7. Wishkah says:

    Put AI animals in the battlefield like squirrels and stuff to distract players and possibly make them fire at the harmless animals and give off their position.

    I think it would be an incentive for trigger-happy n00bs to learn how to identify a target before opening fire on it, thus reducing accidental team killing in hardcore mode.

  8. Trevor mcneill says:

    how might i contact you i know you were wanting suggestions for armored kill artillery and you might want to here mine please don’t dismiss this my email: mcneilltrevor3@gmail.com

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