Upcoming #BF3 Armored Kill update


Locking down comments now because they are heading down a black road.

Tomorrow we finally open up the flood gates and releases BF3: Armored  Kill for PC and Xbox360 Premium player!

We have gotten some really great feedback from PS3 owners and awesome reviews. There are also a few minor things to fix and feedback which I wanted to address now to inform everyone we are on it and will update them as soon as possible.


These updates are expected to go live either late this week (Thursday/Friday) or early next week (Monday/Tuesday) for all platforms. Its to early to say when yet.

OBS – This is a server side update, players don’t need to update anything!

List of things we are fixing / tweaking:

Mobile Artillery
The Mobile artillery’s “Proximity Defense” unlock is causing players to “suicide” when being used in both vehicles with higher reprorate in the US HIMARS.

Gunship in Rush
Defenders have been having a hard time winning the last week and we are making tweaks to even out the battlefield =)
The Gunship will respawn after 90 seconds instead of 60 seconds in Rush after being destroyed.

Alborz Mountains Conquest Large (PC only)
On conquest large there is a bug where the Russian attack helicopter doesn’t show up in the spawn menu.
It is however spawned in so either drive down to it or use a airplane as a “spawner” closer to it. 

Have a great week and I will see you online!
(I will be hanging on the Webhallen servers =)

/ Halling



  1. No fix for the ECM jammer working as not-intended (according to it’s description)?
    Because right now, it works as flares 2.0, no reason at all to choose flares anymore.

  2. juress says:

    Hi Gustav,

    one player reported, that he was able to spawn (from the spawn screen) into the artillery while other palyer was in the gunner seat. He was able to drive and the other player was able to shoot at the same time.


  3. wilkig says:

    Any chance of more vehicle’s cause when you are left behind at a spawn base it a long walk to the action,and by the time you do get there it’s moved off some where else

  4. I’d rather have you guys re-evaluate the removal of the Below Radar effect against Stinger/IGLA. No matter how good you are in the helicopter, a single person can shoot you down or keep you at bay without any skill or teamwork required… it’s point as shoot. This was totally unnecessary as it was easy enough for a team to destroy a helicopter (other helicopter, jet, rockets, SOFLAM/Javelin, tanks…) There are multiple threads, platoons and getsatisfaction topics about this.

    • I cant agree with you at all sorry and we wont revert it.
      We will however keep on monitoring the situation and how it plays out the coming month.

      I play a lot on vehicle servers and a good pilot could stay up the whole round including me.If you didnt get a RPG on you while strafing the ground around a base you where impossible to get down.

      I can stay up a reasonable amount of time after the balanced tweaks and I dont feel cheated when being shot down.

      What pilots that cant stay up after the patch is to re-think their tacticts.
      It dosent work to go head first into a base and think you are invulnerable as before.

      • Fredrikbn says:

        How can’t you feel cheated when it take absolutely no skill to take you down? This game misses something that can balance the skill it takes to fly a chopper, tweakig and patching the stinger will never help.

        The stinger should be realy weak against good pilots and then a new weapon should be reintroduced; at4 bc2/sraw bf2.

        Flying choppers in bf3 is not fun, its like playing against bots. I want real skill to take me down and I want to take down choppers with real skill. Not cheap lock-on weapons.

        Another thing that makes the chopper boring is the 3rd person view.. Why is it not centered? Not to mention that you can’t make barrel rolls.. Hell, you could even do those in bc2.
        And ofc, the dog fights between choppers.. it is just heat seeking fights, it should just been rocket-pods and tv-missiles. Would be much more fun.

        • John Reid says:

          The short answer should be: A stinger doesn’t require radar to obtain a lock in real life, therefore “below radar” wouldn’t have any effect anyway. It’s a line of sight weapon, Fly better.

          •   says:

            LOL you really gonna play the “real life” card, then why do JAVs magically track aircraft even after the target is no longer painted? IRL javs require illumination until impact. And as it is now a stinger can still lock & kill a parked Heli even when its on the ground with the engine off, pilot is repairing & pub gunner sits in there as they tend to do. And nevermind the way missiles swirl all around the aircraft and JAVs make an instant-stop, 90 degree turn and hit from top down like something out of a roadrunner cartoon. IRL, please.

        • gameboy0895 says:

          It actually does take skill to take the chopper down.

      • Thank you for this. I’ve been telling people this since the patch was released and some people understand. People that thought I was crazy are slowly but surely starting to understand how they should pilot a chopper. BTW, awesome game!

      • Paul B says:

        Are you serious mate?

        This recent patch has made some maps completely unbalanced and horrible to play. A map like Nosharr Canals and Gulf of Oman we’re already unbalanced and now you can even lock onto the helicopter from the main land. Forget trying to win, just reaching the shore is an accomplishment against good oponnents. They were already bad maps, now they’re even worse.

        Removing gunner flares is one thing, but then you also increase the range of the stingers and remove the ability to go below radar all in 1 patch.

        It would have been better to let 1 of the 3 intact, be it below radar, gunner flares or decreasing the range of the stingers, as of now choppers are useless.

      • Read this thread:
        You totally ruined the teamplay role of the attack heli, with that you always have to stay far away from the map to avaid igla lock on (if you can) and there are always jets that can kill you in 2 seconds. Heli wasn’t immortal, it’s you that doesn’t know how this game works out there !

      • Martin McNeill says:

        Can you introduce a spawn protection system for air vehicles against FIM92 and IGLA during the take off stage? and repair stage if landed? Some maps you get locked onto before you even move off the run way. And maybe think about decreasing the damage on them aswell so it takes 2 to disable instead of 1 so it takes some teamwork?

      • Martin McNeill says:

        Im sorry but this attack heli invulnerable stuff has got to stop. OHK rpg`s, OHK tank shells, OHK guided missles, OHK tv missles, OHK jet rams, OHK javelins, OHK lampposts (that ones a joke). Other stuff that does lots of damage to the attack heli, 50cal guns (jeeps/buggies/boat), 50cal guns on Tanks, (gunner seat and driver option) Mobile AA, Canister shell, stationary AA, transport chopper, jet cannon. jet rocket pods, heli rocket pods. Have i missed anything?

        •   says:

          You missed jets slowing down & loitering behind heli @ 15km/h spraying bad-aim, then speeding up & away without a care

      • Raskilinov says:

        Spot on lad, I’ve been saying this to many within my friends and platoon team mates. Also alot of this seems to be a knee-jerk reaction to the patch. I’d really like to do or see a survey after a couple of months after folk are used to the change to the chopper.

  5. v0id spam-box says:

    Below radar doesn’t work against stingers/iglas anymore.
    And also have you considered reducing infantry spotting distance from a jet? This might fix a lot of jet ballance issues.

    • Its as designed that Below radar dosent work from handheld stingers.
      It was a minor wrong activating it with the last patch since we didnt have it like that the first 5 months.

      • łukasz wilkoń says:

        if u bring real life arguments here, u also know that stinger requires 2 men to be deployed and u definetly can’t bring 6 missiles with you. Speaking of skills, the scout heli got some chance to be useful (thanks to the below radar perk). If u think of game balance as for one type of heli I think u clearly have no clue. And yes stinger is cheating: 2 seconds lock-on, 2 seconds reload, 6 missiles, 25% disable, automatic shoot and forget weapon. ECM still gets bypassed by 20% of this stinger missiles. Even if u hug the ground.

      • Martin McNeill says:

        Yea that was fine then, they didnt disable so it took abit off team work to shoot the attack heli down with them back then. The new patch doesnt even hurt the scout that much because of onboard repairs. My main issue with the new FIM92/IGLA is there used to spawn kill air vehicles before they have even got airborne. Look at the RU side on Oman, its so easy to spawn kill the air vehicles before they even take off, doesnt even require teamwork like the soflam javelin combo. Like you said before you wouldnt be reverting it, so how about some spawn protection for air vehicles so they cant be targeted when there touching the ground during take off or the repair stage?

      • Andrew Muse says:

        Andrew MuseBattlefield 23 hours ago ·
        I heard from someone that said the people at DICE are looking into the
        bug that allows surface to air missiles to ignore below radar? Is this
        Like ·
        Battlefield Hey Andrew, yes that is true. ^MF23 hours ago · Like
        So which is it Gustav?

  6. Fredrikbn says:

    What? Have webhallen cs:go servers now? :)

  7. Danny M says:

    And these things you are fixing/tweaking will be patched when? December?

  8. what another 8gigs update? Just to tweak that?

  9. Thanks for the update. I like that you are a looking into the Attack/Defender balance in AK Rush. Looking forward to how the 90 sec respwan time changes the battlefield. However you might need to look into the future for more balancing. The defenders on most maps are still 2 vehicle down vs Attackers. An anti air might be a good addition to balance it all. But still progress non the less. Small tweaks are more welcome than complete overhauls. Thanks DICE

  10. Nikolaj Andresen says:

    Hotfix? Sure. So, when are you going to fix the rest of the game? When Bach is ashamed of BF3, otherwise known as BF4 promoting time?

  11. Jay Gee says:

    That’s nice and all but I was hoping for some badly needed ground vehicle balancing for Armoured Kill instead of minor gun tweaking again.

  12. Charles says:

    Thanks for this fix and thanks a lot for this amazing game.
    .About tanks, before the last patch the canister was overpowered? Do you think is balanced now?
    .About guns, I think the M416 should not have been modified. Coupled with the M16A3 (the nerf is insignificant), they are much better than the other guns.

    Thanks for reading, and again congratulations for this awesome game. I love it and i cant wait for AK on PC!! ;)

  13.   says:

    AK looks beautilful but will be broken for AH because balance was destroyed with QUAD-NERF (-Gunner Flare, -Below Radar, new 400m IGLA, more damage from .50 cals) in addition to previous AH tweaks carried forward from prev patches rather than reverted (1-hit disable, fast lock on), youve taken AH out of the game while rewarding noskill weapons. Sure you can hide back at base or edge of map but thats not “skill”. It’s boring. And most AK maps are flat w/ wide open sky and not many places to hide/cover.

    Maybe consoles are different but 64-plyr PC maps, teamwork is paralyzed now because stingerkids have realized its zero effort to sit around staring at sky waiting for easy point&click kills. I have screenshot from Firestorm last night, *9* stinger engi’s on mountain near US spawn, locking & destroying jets & heli’s as they were taking off. It was not imbalanced team/baserape situation either, US was winning. Same problem with RU stingerkids camping Oman beach now. Theyve found the easy places on every map to exploit this imbalance. PLEASE join more random public 64player servers and see how long you last in AH.

    A few nerfs to AH were understandable, but this is overkill. AH was never “invulnerable” before patch unless enemy air was braindead. At least give us a “Below Radar Lite” that works against IGLA only *outside* 200m range so stinger engi’s have protection *and* Heli can get away to repair without being locked & killed from 400m while pilot repairs & pub gunner sits inside not getting out.

    The biggest battlelog forum thread is about the imbalance, the fastest growing getsatisfaction BF3 issue is about this imbalance, its not going away. Please have every DICE tester join a random 64player server, play one round in AH and have them report back on “balance”.

    • Martin McNeill says:

      The problem is just as bad on console mate

    • PC`EliTiST says:

      Chopper-whores were used to Stingers/Iglas being completely useless and as a result, all engineers were targeting the poor Tanks for a whole year!

      Chopper-whores were dominating easily with scores like 75-1 and now while a little balance has been delivered, they’re whining like kids.

      Chopper-whores were saying the entire year, “you need team-job to take down a chooper”. So… Chopper-whores now need team-job too to be effective.

      Chopper-whores never mention about the worst bug in the game… Tanks-shells directly hit choppers without doing any damage. 1/3 shells is being wasted. They keep flying while they shouldn’t. The irony? They destroy your tank afterwards…

      Get used to, friendly advice. Now only the jet left OverPowered.

      • Martin McNeill says:

        Thats lag you speak off, same thing happens with the tv missle and tanks/heli`s/jets. Teamwork was best but not totally needed to take down a chopper. OHK rpgs, OHK tank shells, OHK tv missles. just a few there for you to think about. The only thing that needed done to balance the attack heli was the removal off gunner flares, the only thing that needed buffed was the FIM92/IGLA range, and the altitude lowered to 15m for below radar, after all the patch notes said altitude lowered, it doesnt say removed.

    • Tim Durocher says:

      No no no no no.
      In all honesty, I find it funny that people are whining about bad air balance. From 1942 all the way to BF3 airpower has always dominated. BF2 for many people was a game of “hide from the jets and choppers” same for BC2 and BF3 up until this point.
      It’s funny because all these years air whores have told us that we all just suck, or that we need to man up, or that it’s balanced, or that our team that dies as soon as they spawn needs to work together.
      Now the tables are turned and guess who’s whining? Air whores. How’s it feel to be demolished as soon as you take of? It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that’s for sure.
      This is karma after 10 years of being spawn killed by chumps who can fly in circles thinking they are “pro”
      Don’t get me wrong, I do agree that DICE went to far, and I do think it needs to be balanced AGAIN but I just look at the irony of the situation, 10 years of air power being the best, and now it’s suddenly not.

      • Fredrikbn says:

        I agree a little that you had to hide for jets and choppers in bf2. But is wasn’t a big deal cause the maps was better design back then and you didn’t have 3d spotting. In BC2 I can’t agree, you have at4 there that actually kills choppers with on rocket, sadly the same can’t be said about BF2, there you need two(sraw).

  14. łukasz wilkoń says:

    I think this patch isn’t promoting teamplay or skills. The scout heli is totally unplayable after the below radar removal (was a stupid decision), and the simple combo of removing flares plus radar is pathetic (clearly the dude never flown helis). Because how u can predict a javelin or a stinger is coming? U can’t. Simply because u have no flares to discard the stinger option and use ECM after 4-5 seconds to stop the javelin. Dice listens to public baddies and not to good players. They give the “best feedback” it seems. Bugs still not fixed, I’m just saying. Instead balance changes made after some “OP threads”.

  15. ROCKMONEY says:

    Once again just wanted to say Armored Kill is a 10/10 DLC add on. Can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for the remaining dlc’s.

  16. HipHopMagare says:

    Still no word about co-op dog tags? C’mon, just fix them one time forever! Almost a year after release of the game and they STILL DOESN’T WORK..

  17. Martin McNeill says:

    I was hoping for some form off fix for below radar and handheld stingers to improve the game play for the attack heli before AK was released on xbox :-( Just so you know the gameplay for the attack heli is really poor currently, not to mention the glitched gunner ammo in the havoc which no one seems to be mentioning also needs looked at.

  18. Martin McNeill says:

    Patch notes 1.04 The IGLA and Stinger now lock on much more quickly and disable an attack
    aircraft in 1 hit, but have significantly reduced range. This should
    allow Stingers to mount an effective close range point defense, without
    dominating an entire airspace.

    Now they dominate the entire airspace with significantly increased range.

    • andrew says:

      yup….javellins are almost useless now…you just need a stinger and you dominate air..well done

      first we had invisible javellins, hitting you with no sound
      then invincible soflams, impossible to destroy
      now OP stingers and UP hely,,, really an epic work

      can my 16 years old brother work in the patch team? he understands more

  19. andrew says:

    i’m not sure i have entered the last message correctly..so in that case delete one of them please.


    now the helicopter is terribly unbalanced becouse of stingers, so read the first post of this thread and answer it please

    DICE always sayed ” we hear customers “,,, well , in this patch you heard the noobs, now hear good players.
    there are so many complaints in there, you cant ignore them

    there’s no new tactic or skill now… it’ s no more a attack helicopter, it’s a ” hide behind a mountain, shoot TV and rockets and hide again ” helicopter .

    is this the balance you had in mind? it’s really horrible .

  20. About the gunship respawn time: how about 120 seconds instead of 90 seconds? From 60 to 90 seconds seems too short. But we’ll see how it works out :)

  21. I think it would be interesting if the battlefield site held a poll to see what the community thinks about the gunship on Rush, and what the best way to deal with it would be. Personally I’d simply like to see it removed from Rush. =b

  22. andrew says:

    decrease jet damage vs helicopters ( OP , plus they can hit from impossible angles .
    put below radar back and keep the current no flares , extended range and 1 hit disable.

    and balance is done , now it’ s impossible to fly in normal maps with 64 players .

    i understand consolles have only 12 players / side, this means less stingers and threats, but on PC it’s totally different
    why dont you do a separate patch for PC?

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