#Battlefield 3 march patch – bug reporting


I hope everyone understands that neither me, Zh1nt0 or any other DICE related persons are commenting in this post.

Everyone claiming something else are fakers.

This post is a report forum only.


Today we released our new patch and while 99% are solid fixes and tweaks there is bound to be annoying bugs that finds their ways into the patch.

I am creating this thread to collect a list of those since I don’t have time to surf all forums and I will not find them all by playing myself.

However this is BUGS only, if you report things like “no commander, art updates, its not BF2″ you will get banned asap.

A bug is for example:
– Jet heatseekers not giving full damage

So if you find anything please comment using your twitter or Facebook account to login =)
/ Halling


Thx for all your help so far, got a good list and we are putting in bugs for QA to verify. We also got a few bugs that we think we can fix server-side but it will still take a while before that is possible.

Keep on posting =)



  1. Fuk off Dice says:


  2. Fuk off Dice says:

    Type your comment here.PIGS ВЕРНИТЕ НАМ ИГРУ!!!

  3. Fuk off Dice says:


  4. Fuk off Dice says:


  5. Fuk off Dice says:


  6. Fuk off Dice says:


  7. Fuk off Dice says:


  8. Fuk off Dice says:


  9. Fuk off Dice says:


  10. Fuk off Dice says:


  11. Fuk off Dice says:


  12. Ric says:

    My bug report video

    G3A1 underslung does not work
    no crosshairs when using underslung buckshot and ADS
    Very tight crosshairs when unscoping while shooting

  13. RoL_ExIoS-78- says:

    Much lower FPS…
    There were 70 FPS was 35 FPS (ATI HD5650)

    • 5_06_1975 says:

      I agree with you, I too low FPS
      before = 100 FPS (Ultra)
      after = 45 FPS (Ultra)
      I have AMD (ATI)

      • DogTagger says:

        FPS is very loower (((

      • Александр Зенков says:

        У меня на ультра настройках было 61 фпс стабильно, (GTX 560 Ti ) , сейчас падает до 14-20 фпс, DICE? ну что вы натворили =((((

        I’m on ultra settings was 61 fps consistently, (GTX 560 Ti), now drops to 14-20 FPS, DICE? well, what have you done = ((((

  14. Alex_UA says:

    I want to optimize the fall after the game, and then the FPS dropped (lower)
    25 FPS in my AMD =(((

    • GolDer_Crace76_UK says:

      My FPS LOOWER!!!!
      Were 100 FPS than 49 FPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I have ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650!

  15. AngryRabb1T says:

    Дайсы желаю вам заработать рак мозга и умереть в обоссаной кровати

  16. Flaco306 says:

    http://i.imgur.com/lXGRO.jpg, Sniper bullets are huge and disappear before impact. if u cant see ur bullet drop or point of impact then u cant reengage ur target accordingly. Just put it how it was before the patch, normal bullet size that gets smaller as it gets further. just basic common sense.

  17. Mickmoffat says:

    -RPK extended mags should change the clip, the current clip is not big enough to hold 200 bullets need like a drum mag like the MG3C.

    -MAV can still be used as a elevator by Proning on it then you can do the same as before.

    -Not sure if this has been fixed but, Anti Air can bounce of the water http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEiRv5kYhJ0

    – Repair torch glitch, In no mans land die then revived glitch:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXn9sOj0d94

    -If I have planted a SOFLAM and get some ammo to reffil it then I can’t aim the SOFLAM in the direction I want before I plant the new one. To plant the SOFLAM a player needs to left click on a deployable location. However, to enter the SOFLAM screen-pad gadget to aim it you also have to left click.

    This way if you are near a ammo pack you can never point your SOFLAM in the direction you want and you gonna be deploying those SOFLAMs indefinetly untill you move out of range of the ammo box and replant it there.

    A suggestion to fix it – make either planting or going to the screen mode with right click or vice verca. Right click is free of use for that gadget anyway. also happens with MAV EODBOT.

    -Long map changes, with bace maps. B2K loads in 30sec when the outher maps take up to 2min. I have i 5 2500k 4 gig ram its not my pc.

  18. koji says:

    Nice to meet. It is likely to give an update on the pc version next week.
    I’m very disappointed in you guys and EAJAPAN. Because because he unilaterally postponed the updates without any explanation at all. Moreover, because it also updates the day of its announcement. Waiting in the hope the ps3 update early.
    from Japanese users of battlefield3 ps3

  19. SASHABERKUT says:

    Windows 7 64 bit

    Intel Core i7 950@3.07 GHz (4 physic 8 logic cores)

    RAM:12 Gb

    Motherboard: Gigabyte x58-USB 3

    GeForce GTX 570 1280 MB


    What the F*ck is going on with FPS?

    Какой бля компьютер надо купить чтобы норм играть?
    Было все отлично….все летало на ультра настройках…….



  20. Aserth says:

    Xbox 360:

    * Sporadic loss of sound -seems to be when in MBT’s but may not be limited to.

    * C4 detonating after planting but before being triggered.

    * Still get “Bad Luck”

    * Parachute no longer deploys properly and almost not at all at times. This screws gameplay flow as it makes it suicidal to be on anything higher that a garage.

    * Fall damage ridiculous -esspecially since the parachute fails to open at lower levels.

    * Very often having to jump up “high” kerbs, rail tracks lines, tiny debris and all manner of things lower than knee level. I mean how idiotic would you look if you jumped up every kerb you came to every time you crosses a street? :S

    * Lamp posts still take out aircraft.

    * Flash Suppressors missing from sniper rifles. No reason for this at all as the trade off to not using a silencer to remove flash is being heard. This has been an overreaction.

    * Menu option to show friends(“start” on xbox) is not correctly showing what friends are playing; if they’re even on and sometimes just wrong info.

    * Unable to set multiple specific server search options simultaneously or it results in showing only low player (5 and less) servers. This applies to country, game mode etc.

    Cheers, I’ll list more as I find them :)

  21. Danya says:

    your patch hike to the virus because after installing the patch, played well, and then checked the computer for viruses and everything now comes an endless Connect!

  22. br do says:

    1) Increased inaccuracy and recoil when fully suppressed. = What does being suppressed have do with a gun’s recoil- which leads to inaccuracy? A screen going blurry is one thing (makes it harder to focus due to nerves), but this should have nothing to do with the gun’s recoil or inaccuracy.

    2) Tweaked the damage levels of buck and flachette rounds to balance them with other weapons= which weapons?, and why, they’re shotguns, distance should only effect the damage done, due to an increase in spread- meaning the farther you are, the fewer pellets hit you.

    3) Slightly reduced repair speed of repair tool- It was actually halved, which is anything but slight.

    4) Laser guided missiles are not distracted by flares- Why? This makes 0 sense, its designated by a laser, flares have 0 effect on this.

    5) AA missiles should no longer detonate before hitting target- This happens more now, RARELY saw an issue with it before.

    6) AA missiles now have significantly reduced range- It is WAY to short now, you should use real world physics as advertised, or try to come as close as possible for the sake of realism.

    7)Guided rockets will now only track ground targets- This doesn’t make any sense, they’re guided so they should be both ground/air.

    9)Reduced the damage AA guns do to infantry- Why? they are shooting 1000’s of rounds a minute, they shoot kill instanateously.

    10) Disabled vehicles now have an increase in reverse speed- Why just reverse? It should be forward as well, since “just reverse” would make 0 sense in real world.

    11) Fixed aimed firing max accuracy on Pecheneg to be consistent with other LMG’s- How is this bring “individuality”, it should be w/e it is in life, if it’s inaccurate it’s inaccurate. Period.

    12)All semiautomatic and bolt weapons, including shotgun slugs, now have max dmg. at 15m. This is an incredibly short distance, and is probably why there are so many problems with people taking so many hits to kill.

    13) Zooming shotguns with buckshot and flechette loads with not results in tighter cone for pellets- This should have 0 effect on how the pellets come out, makes 0 sense.

    14) Fixed ROF with USAS and MK3A1 when equipped with frag rounds- again, the type of ammo would not change ROF w/ an auto-shotty, the recoil would be significantly higher per each shot with frag rounds, due to the amount of kick such a round would have compared to buckshot etc.

    15)M27 no change- this is either a lie or misprint, the recoil on gun is sig. worse than it was before.

    16)RPK-74M- Nothing is mentioned in regards to adding a 200 round bannana clip, max in real life is a 100 round drum.

    17)The initial recoil changes are anything but slight for many of the weapons, this makes burst fire, which is supposed to be a good thing, the poorer choice, since initial recoil has been raised, and sustained fire does not have this intial jump recoil. Thus, those that spray and pray have better odds over someone who is trying to burst fire.

    18) The M1014 was underperforming compared to USAS12 and MK3A1 in CQB, so ROF was increased- Of course it was underperforming, it is not a fully auto shotgun.

    19) The Mk3A1 has 8 and 12 round mags respectively. In real life there’s only a 10 round mag, and it can be taken off, a detonator attached, and it is an anti-personal mine, “called Beartrap”.

    20) the usas12 has either a 10 round magazine or 20 round drum in real life.

    21)AEK- And I quote “the low initial recoil allowed a player to kill before the weapon’s weaknesses kicked in”, THIS IS THE POINT OF BURST FIRE. To ruin this means everything to the game.

    22) “out of order” The damage done by MBT primary weapon will now do more damage to front and side armor, primarily the means 1 less shot to front and good side hits can result in one hit disable. I BELIEVE THIS IS PROBLEM, INSTEAD OF ONLY MAKING PRIMARY MBT WEAPON, THIS APPLIES TO ALL WEAPONS.

    23) A FAMAS is supposed to have 25-round mag., to all those who complain, sorry. (they say this is all they changed)

    24) THERE IS NOTHING IN RELEASE NOTES ABOUT SNIPER RIFLE CHANGES except more dmg. up close (why football shot occurs is anyones guess)

    25) Foregrip- changed from global percent reduction to weapon specific, as well as AIMED ACCURACY PENALTY AT LONG RANGES (doesn’t state what a long range is) as well as the fact that once a bullet leaves a weapon, how should a penalty be introduced?

    26) Flash suppressor no longer reduces accuracy during Automatic Fire- Not sure about burst fire, but this the reduction in accuracy should have never existed due to the fact that these attachments do not reduce accuracy, but INCREASE it die to acting as a recoil compensator (in notes), b/c of slits on top (forces pressure down on gun)

    27)Maximum # of mines and claymores- Also makes 0 sense.

    28) C4 will no longer detonate if player dies, or if they are revived after 5 seconds- What difference does it make how long it took them to be revived. Further, they should stay after death.

    29)Ammobags resupply explosives more slowly- In fact from what I can tell, grenages are resupplied at a higher rate (maybe they treated them like ammo for some reason)

    30)Slightly red. blast radious of RPG SMAW and 40mm grenages- NOTHING SLIGHT about it.

    31)Slightly increased heal rate of medical crate- There was never a problem before. It’s too fast now IMHO.

    32)The mortar can no longer be deployed inside a spawn protected area- This further makes no sense, sometimes you get pushed back to spawn, and mortar is great way to help teammates get out. Opposing teams mortars should be able to kill them in spawn. Problem solved.

    33)Minimap improvements- The revive icon is WAY TO BIG.

    34) The TV missile one shot destroy to tank was not mentioned in release notes, don’t know why this has been increased. Same goes for all weapon damage against tanks, as i believe i stated before, I think instead of increasing MBT primary weapon, they decreased tanks armour globally to that of a MBT tank round. THIS IS A SERIOUS ISSUE AND NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED.

  23. Comments are now turned off.

    thx for your feedback.

  24. cpt101 says:

    My xbox seems to freeze a lot more, have to turn it off and on, Rented servers, CQ

  25. Александр says:

    Good day!

    Dear developers, do something.
    Plane shot down IMPOSSIBLE.
    Anti-aircraft gun, helicopter, portable air defense systems – a needle / stringer – useless against aircraft.
    As a result, planes dominate the battlefield.


  26. Idarkiviknighti says:

    1 the game mechanics dont make sense with the new suppression and gun tweaks you have made to all the guns you are no longer able to hit anyone with an assault rifel from 20 ft away much better mechanics with the suppression and gun play in old version
    2 Lmgs are not accurate at all even with a bipod the bullet spread is rediculious and is useless now
    3 Suppression doesnt make sense the old version made alot more sense and most feel it gives an advantage to players less experienced because your bullet doesnt go where your gun is aimed which makes no sense at all and should be reset back to the old version
    4 the famas has a 30 round clip not 25 the gen1 famas has 25 but being that this game takes place in present time dont make sense to give it a 25 round clip
    5 Alot of people had a much better experience with the pre patch of this game and i think the biggest issue is the guns attachments dont make sense and suppression need fixed asap theres over 21,000 feedback posts on the battlelog forums and we have heard nothing about what you guys are going to do about these huge issues that have ruined this once great game

  27. Loner says:

    A few minor things I’ve discovered:
    – When piloting a scout helicopter, you can sometimes hear a gunshot. The gunshot sound belongs the last gun you had equipped before entering the chopper. It happened to me twice on servers where it was just me and another person. Both times it happened when I nearly crashed. And no, that other person was nowhere near and used a different gun.

    – You get an option to spawn on a friendly helicopter when it’s close to its spawn, EVEN if the enemy is piloting it. You can’t actually spawn on the helicopter while the enemy is in it, but the option in the spawn menu is still there.

    P.S. a few words to russian players:
    Патч хороший. Да, что-то в процессе поломалось, но это в любой другой игре не редкость. А про все хорошее вы видимо забыли? То, что USAS и FAMAS пофиксили? То, что Havoc летает нормально а не как автобус, что мортиры больше не кампят на спавне, что MAV/спавнеры/SOFLAM и пр. теперь быстрее и легче ставить, что от игл и стингеров теперь хоть какой-то прок, что C4 нельзя взрывать после смерти, и многое другое? Вы действительно хотите все это обратно?
    Я вообще не понимаю с какого форума приперлась вся эта ноющая школота и быдло. “Испортили игру” – легко сказать. А обоснованно и без нытья обьяснить, почему – слабо? Пока что я вижу один сплошной срач. Видимо уж очень важна вам в жизни эта игрушка..

    Мне стыдно за свою страну.

  28. Aserth says:

    * Parachutes no longer deploy at low levels when jumping from buildings. This can lead to playerss loosing 80%+ HP or death. This leads to an overall massive slowdown of CQC gameplay.

    * Still die when jumping from very low hights (ledges, stairs etc) when health not full.

  29. Makemake says:

    Дайсы что общеали сделать треть не выполнили ,треть исправили кое как,и треть патчем испортили игру))) ВВ на многие самолёты не действует просто ракеты сзади взрываються,только стингером и собьёшь да и то фиг прицелишься когда самолёт пролетает а у стингера теперь охват метров 50 не больше…. да и глюки идут что бывает выпустишь ракету по вертолёту он сбросил РЭП ракета вокруг него вертиться вертиться РЭП спадает и ракета уничтожает вертолёт))) а бывает наооборот без ик и рэпа даже не долетает до воздушной цели))) пулемёты вообще весёлые) Раньше на сошках каждый пулемёт уводила почутку индивидуально,а теперь все бьют с километра белке в глаз но когда тебя начинают подавлять пули летят куда угодно только не в цель даже если стреляешь метров на пять…про мав все итак знают) снайперов тоже поколечили поиздевавшись над балистикой и не прибавив винтовкам урона как в близи так и на дальней дистанции…вообщем всего не перечислиш.

  30. Nagievrus72 says:

    Каналы в захвате вообще у русских надо на респе панцирь поставить,а то бывают нубы которые на респе зависают и весь респ выносят с вертолёта,так как игла и стингер стал просто как калейдоскоп,и вообще у сша расположение црама более выгодно расположено,а ттх русского оружия изначально занижено,короче американская пропаганда и реклама даже в игру добралась))) я скажу так,прежде чем делать ттх вы в тире постреляйте или ролики в ютубе посмотрите,а что касается вал,который с патчем убили вообще,просто в руках патрон от него подержите,прежде чем его ттх составлять,я мечтаю что бы озверевший фанат к вам в офис с валом забежал,вот тогда вы-бы оценили его по достоинству)))

  31. FUCK OF DICE says:

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  32. Artem_lesnoy says:

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  33. Artem_lesnoy says:

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  34. input lag on PS3 is still there also after the patch… i think this is the most important bug to fix

  35. 654-g says:

    Fuck you Gustav, go to hell you motherfucker.

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