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#Battlefield 3 march patch – bug reporting


I hope everyone understands that neither me, Zh1nt0 or any other DICE related persons are commenting in this post.

Everyone claiming something else are fakers.

This post is a report forum only.


Today we released our new patch and while 99% are solid fixes and tweaks there is bound to be annoying bugs that finds their ways into the patch.

I am creating this thread to collect a list of those since I don’t have time to surf all forums and I will not find them all by playing myself.

However this is BUGS only, if you report things like “no commander, art updates, its not BF2″ you will get banned asap.

A bug is for example:
– Jet heatseekers not giving full damage

So if you find anything please comment using your twitter or Facebook account to login =)
/ Halling


Thx for all your help so far, got a good list and we are putting in bugs for QA to verify. We also got a few bugs that we think we can fix server-side but it will still take a while before that is possible.

Keep on posting =)

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