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I am thinking about buying a HTPC/mediacenter but not sure about all parts.

My goal is a powerful but quiet enough to be on 24/7.

Chassi: nice looking, black.
Cpu: intel i5 2400
Mobo: needs to have 2x LAN ports for my xbox. Also no need for integrated graphic.
GPU: good silent that can play 1080 and HDMI (with sound?)
memory: 4-6 GB DDR3
PSU: silent and low cost when running 24/7

So mainly I need good Mobos and a good chassi manufacturing company I can look at.

Please comment with your thoughts and links to good project.
Price isnt to important but looking for a mid end htpc, I dont need it for gaming.
So maybe around max $1000-1200 for everything,

Quiet, good PSU(low cost), good looking is the key!



  1. setting sun says:

    Depends on your budget but these are awesome.,review-29681.html

    Also i5 is prob overkill, maybe look at nvidia ion boards complete with chip.

  2. Tim Elbert says:

    I use the Intertech 2008 as chassi for my HTPC. It’s available with or without touchscreen and in silver or black.

    It’s very huge, but you can store 8 HDDs!

    Maybe that’s something for you?

  3. Gusten Andersson says:

    Check out the Asrock htpc series!

  4. A dear BF fan says:

    I know this is off topic but Gustav please stop Demize99 from making his retarded changes to BF3’s weapons and attachments.

  5. I recently helped a friend to build a great HTPC/server which is running 24/7 on debian with XBMC.
    Chassi: He got the Fractal Design Arc since he needs the space for hdds and he’s running matx, I’d probably go for the FD Array if I were to build an Mini-ITX/DTX system
    CPU: i3 2120, plenty of power for and HTPC/NAS/homeserver but the i5 2400 is a great choice as well. He’s running this with a Noctua tower cooler so the system is pretty much passive.
    Mobo: He’s running an Asus P8H67-M but it doesn’t have built in dual nic. However I do know that Zotac got an Z68 Mini-ITX mobo with dual nics/Lan and also built in Wifi on top of that.
    GPU: Nvidia Geforce GT 520 (Asus passive), completely silent, low power, support for audio over HDMI, PureVideo HD 5/VP5 (claims to be capable of decoding 4k however I’ve never tested it but it works great with 1080p, also support h.264 decoding of BluRay 3D and FullHD 3D).
    Memory: We put 8GB ram in my friends HTPC since ram is so cheap now anyway and it’s better with to much then to little.
    PSU: We used the FSP Hexa 400W because of four main reasons, it’s black and nice looking, it’s pretty much dead silent (especially with a low power htpcs), it’s insanely cheap and it’s 80%+ certified. However if you go for the FD Array there’s an 300W PSU included with that case which is an rebranded FSP PSU and supposedly very quiet.

    My friend also got an Intel Pro Server Dual Gigabit nic in his server which might be a bit overkill for most people. But over all his server is dead quiet unless you open the side and pretty much put your ear inside the case. I think he’s got one fan in his entire system and it’s an Scythe Slipstream 800rpm which is an extremely quiet fan (I myself got a power system with a 5GHz clocked i7 2600k, HD 6970, etc using only 3 Slipstream 800rpm fans and this system is really dead silent).

    Hope that at least some of what I told you is a bit helpful to you.

  6. Daveybeamish says:

    mobo asus, chassis thermaltake ..

    on another note.. can i get a wake-island only official dice ranked bf3 ps3 server?

    the only thing I dont have finished to ‘service star’ level is the mobile aa.. because its only on ONE map. =/ wake island. and wake island doesnt come up often enough.

    or put another mobile AA on caspian or firestorm! =D

    thanks. been playing since bfv.

  7. Fusseltier says:

    as i asked before on twitter.. which case you use now and what are the best software for a NAS like this

  8. Fusseltier says:

    thanks.. will have a look

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