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Battlefield 3 on PS3 at the Fallon show

DICE Summerparty + BF3 console

Tonight DICE will relax and celebrate our E3 success with a summparty on our terass.

If you live in the US don’t forget the first ever live BF3 console footage tonight on the Jimmy Fallon show!

DICE goes to Dreamhack Summer!

DICE is taking our E3 tour to Dreamhack Summer 2011 in Jönköping where we will show off BF3 Multiplayer and ask question BCD.

To get BCD you will either have a special invitation being sent out this week or pre-order the game at the event.

We will also have some other surprises and events under the LAN festival, please come by if you are participating =)

You can count on me keeping you up to date what is happening at the event!

Dreamhack is the world largest LAn party and big E-sport event taking place 18th until the 21st of June!

Battlefield 3: E3 2011 Day 2 & 3 footage

Battlefield 3: E3 2011 Day #1 MP footage

Footage from the first day at the BF3 booth including Steven Spielberg!

WiiU thoughts – Nintendos new console

So WiiU is finally revealed for all of us, even if they only talked about their controller yesterday.

So what is this console, is it a replacement for xbox and ps3? Is Nintendo doing to much at the same time or is it a smart move?

Some comments from my side:

Its both a controller and console

– It’s not a big step up from consoles as x360 or PS3, it is better hardware wise but when the new xbox and ps4 comes it will be runned down again, wanted to see something much stronger.

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Live Battlefield 3 E3 showcast with OffDutyGamers

Streaming Video by Ustream.TV

PixelEnemy BF3 MP footage frame-by-frame

Pretty fun how they manage to make our 2minutes trailer into a 26:45 minutes long talkshow :D


E3 conferences summary!

I am back at work making awesomeness today and thoughts about yesterdays E3 2011 Press Conferences.
I have collected videos of the games I like and of course I will kick off with the Battlefield 3 “Tank thunder”.

Read more to see them all!

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BF3 is out October 25th + Metro MP footage

Battlefield 3 will be released on October 25th on PC, XBOX and PS3, more info and videos at!

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