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Battlefield 3: Trailer BREAKDOWN!

Jericho have made a “not the usual breakdown” movie using our BF3 trailer breakdown sing our TV trailer ;)



Updated design (again)

Hello again!

I have been coding for friends lately and also updated my site last week to make it easier to control for me and more pleasant to read for you!

However, the “new old” design was a fast temporary job and today I did some fine tweaking and this is what you are watching right now =)

I am still working on the mobile site but it works to 90% now, just enter in your mobile!

Please feedback in comments if you are missing something.

Impressive BMX trick!

The worlds first triple backflip on a BMX, impressive stuff!


All new #BF3 footage in 1 clip

Here is all the new footage from the “EA PWNED” episode about BF3 cut together into one 1:54 long clip.

EA PWNED: Battlefield 3 special

EA’s own gameshow “PWNED” visited DICE last week and recorded a Battlefield 3 special that you can watch below!

This show is actually awesome since it shows you behind the scene of developing BF3!

Sharqi and Oman concepts!

The Battlefield blog posted 2 new concepts from 2 of the maps I am working on atm, Gulf of Oman and Sharqi Penisula.

I have set up all the different game modes on them the last couple of days and are preparing to start playtesting them really soon.




Remember that these are concepts that we use for lightning and feeling, object placements is not necessary final =)


DISQUS added

I have now replaced 2 plugins that allowed Twitter and Facebook integration with 1, the DISQUS system.

Sorry for the confusion this might cause but this guarantees that your information is more secure and not being stored on my site at all but on the world known DISQUS servers.
You will now instead login with Twitter or Facebook via that system instead of 2 different ones =)

Hope you enjoy it and I will keep adding new features and designs in the near future to this site but everything goes much faster now when it is up and running.

I will also fix the DISQUS comment design to fit the page later this evening =)

New design!

Welcome back to the new site!

I have done a complete re-design to something more fitting for me and easier for you to read and comment on.
I hope that I will update the blog more now and I am still adding some more features in the background to make it possible to add from my Android etc =)

The new BIG thing about the new design is that you now only need to login with your Twitter or Facebook account to comment!

So no more creating accounts that you never will use again =)

I hope you like it and please, do feedback in the comments!

PS. Small note: All old comments are still visible but the accounts have been deleted.

Updating soon

Just a quick note. I haven’t updated my site for a while but I am planning a new layout which will make it easier for you and me :)
Follow my Twitter in the meantime to see what I am doing and talk to me!

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