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2011 Update =)

Hello everyone!

As you have noticed I have moved more over to twitter, to be honest its so much simpler to post a tweet than create a blog post=)

The other reason is that I am working on Battlefield 3, which I cant talk to much about =)
It is however a truly great game, looks and plays awesome so I cant wait until we start to show off more from the game VERY soon!

So whats happening otherwise with my life? A lot of work, parties and meeting new people, where are all the normal girls? =)

So to end up this blogpost I can tell you that my latest project Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam have sold very well and we have a really high PSU on all platforms which makes me happy.
It also got a crazy Metacritic that ended on 87 for an expansion, that is really good. Expansion usually dont get a score to begin with.

To end this, here is a picture of my goodies that my work have given me =)

Cya soon and follow me on twitter, but I will update here also if I have something to say!

Update: My twitter is gustavhalling
/ Halling

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