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PC Open Beta Announced And New Trailer

PC Open Beta have been announced!
The beta will be open from October 4th and 4 days forward.
More information can be found here:

We have also released a new trailer showing off Objective Raid!

New Battlefield BC2 Vietnam trailer!

Here is the latest trailer from my current project, Battlefield BC2 Vietnam!

Medal of Honor Multiplayer beta changelog

Here the list of the changes we made since the beta in Medal of Honor multiplayer :)

Improved and fixed hit detection code
– Improved soldier hit box
– Decreased interpolation time

Various Fixes
– Toggle crouch is functional
– Added weapon pickup feature
– Spawn points tweaked
– Spawn system features added to fix exploits
– Level collisions fixed
– Level exploits fixed

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Battlefield 1943 is not released on PC

Battlefield 1943 is not released on PC, its an error signed EA Store =)

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