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More MOH beta codes

Back from a long weekend and also found some more codes.
See you in the beta, I try to play a few hours every day. Also look out for updates in the near future to it…

Redeem them at , first come first served =)









Have fun

MOH Beta feedback thread

I hope you are enjoying this beta!

The good thing about really early betas like this one is that we actually have a chance to listen to the community.

So if you have any constructive feedback this blogpost is as good as anyone, since it goes directly to me that makes the gameplay changes =)

// Halling ( cmd85 in MOH PC Beta)

Medal of Honor Beta codes

Hi again!
Just finished a hour of MOH:Online Beta play-session.

What I would like is more friends joining me so therefor I am giving away 15 codes for now.
It’s really easy to get them, post a comment asking about it, make sure your email is valid.

For example: “MOH is best, I want to play” ;)

When your code arrives go to and enter it, choose platform and play!

If you play on your PC make sure to add my alias: “cmd85″

See you in the MOH beta and make sure to give me some feedback here!

Medal of Honor Multiplayer trailer

Hi again!
Medal of Honor: Multiplayer from DICE is finally being showed, therefor I can talk a lot much about it so I will do some more updating from now on after E3.

Here is the E3 MP trailer for now, guess who is playing in the movies ;)

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