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Battlefield Bad Company 2 beta – Updated

The bfbc2 ps3 beta starts today, let me know in the comments if you want a key :)

(sry for the old spelling, sent it from my new  htc hd2 and didn’t look what I wrote =)

Got a new resupply of keys so comment away =)

BF1943 nominated for VGA 2009!

The Video Games Awards 2009 is closing in and Battlefield 1943 is nominated in the “Best downloadable game”!
So if you like our game please go in and vote now!

best download

>> Vote now!

Microsoft banning xbox accounts =)

Microsoft have done some real cleaning up and banned at least 600,000 xbox live accounts and blocked their xbox form any internet contact.

And for some dumb reason people are complaining necause their chipped xbox was banned?
You got to read this 25 year old “child’s”  cries:

I’ve probably saved about £600 and I’ve copied roughly 30 or 40 games. A lot of them I’ve downloaded or I’ve taken off friends that have downloaded themselves.

To be honest, I’ve contemplated whether to move to Playstation 3 or buy another Xbox. I wouldn’t do it again but I really don’t know if I’m going to get the Xbox again now.”

>> Read the whole article here.

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