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New TV =)

Bought me a new TV today, felt it was time to upgrade my 2,5 year old 40″ with a new Samsung LED TV 46″ =)


Whats happening?

Good morning!
I haven’t posted any real design related blogs latly and that is because I am working on some stuff that I cant talk about right now.

What I have been doing is playing BF1943 on the evenings, look for my x360 tag “cmd85″ on the servers, I am at the top on the scoreboard ;)

I wont be able to update to much about my current work but I can still have discussions about announced games that I working with like BF1943 PC and BC2!

Have nice day!

Battlefield 1943 fan art work

We got this sent to us, really nice work on it!
But we dont know who made it, if you do please post in the comments so we can get in touch with him/her!


Playing Battlefield 1943

DemolisherHi !
Been while since I wrote something, the reason for that is my weeks of vacation!
I am now back at work again, processing some old and new stuff =)

I haven’t been able to play Battlefield 1943 under the vacation but last weekend I have been playing it a lot,
counting in on 6 hours and 38 minutes in 2 days :)
I am suprised that I am still leading the boards when I play but I guess that my score still is pretty low so I am being balanced to random servers, and the fact that I got about 1 year of training in the game :P

I would love to hear more about your experiences on the battlefield, both good and bad so I can learn more about what the general thoughts are!

My x360 Gamertag is “cmd85“, so you just might run into me on the battlefield :)

// Gustav

Someone has been flying a lot=)

I see myself as a very good pilot, I would like to meet this guy!
If you see this add me so we can take a match :P

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