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Small comment respons

1 week left of my vacation but I thought I could try and answer some of the questions/points that have been posted.

Read more to se my post! =)

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Battlefield 1943 released on X360!

Tomorrow for PS3! :)

3 weeks of Vacation =)

I am now off for a three week vacation, hopefully with some sun and good parties =)

Have a nice summer!

Guadalcanal HD trailer released!

Today together with the release dates we also released the new Guadalcanal High Definition trailer!

I am also currently hosting it on my 100/100mbit at for anyone who want to download it fast with even hight quality!

>> Guadalcanal HD torrent at

BF1943 Releasedate: 8th & 9th July

It’s now official!
Call in sick. take out your vacation, buy a big bag of chips and prepare yourself for 8th and 9th July when we are releasing the new Battlefield experience to all our fans!

It’s going to be a lot of fun to share this game with you all =)

Xbox360 Arcade: 8th July
Playstation 3 Store: 9th July

BF1943 gets 9/10 from EDGE

EDGE is one of the most prestige gaming magazines so we feel really proud of achieving 9/10 from them.

This is a good proof of how great this game really is!

Battlefield 1943’s release dates will be released today in the afternoon, CET time.

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