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BF1943 in media

Good morning!
I though I would add some links to the new media coverages we got =)

MTV Multiplayer
Team Xbox

I will keep you updated whats happening this week, should be some fun stuff! gaming night! *Updated part 2

Forgot to add this yesterday, joined our servers and had a live session that they now released in their archives!

It’s a fun way of reviewing a game “in realtime” =)

Good morning!

If someone belived something else, it was not me writing yesterday, no dates are confirmed and so on =)
I will let you know the dates when I know them!

Today I am focusing on the PC version, tweaking the tank turrets and soldier speeds and having another playtest in the afternoon!

Also, registration is back on as you might have noticed after yesterdays spam-party in the comments.


Happy midsummer!!
In sweden we party more then on our national day :D
Time for barbaque and sauna!

Inside Xbox interviews Patrick and Gordon

Inside Xbox visited our DICE office to interview Patrick Liu and Gordon Van Dyke.

Also noticed that one of my test player nicks “cmd oWnEd” layed a nice bombing around 3:33 :)

40 minutes of Battlefield 1943 gameplay

Planet Battlefield had their handcamera with them at E3 and have put it togheter into 4 parts with 40 minutes of gameplay combined!

Watch the videos below or download the whole movie at planetbattlefield (230mb).

Battlefield 3 confirmed in development

Yes it’s true,
this is the official and only statement I will give about BF3:

“DICE can confirm that Battlefield 3 is currently in development but at this stage we have no further comments to add.”


But even better news is that we had a good playtest on Battlefield 1943 PC today and I am getting a lot of great feedback from my fellow hardcore PC players here at DICE!

All is quiet before the storm..

Live in sweden? Then you can win a trip to DICE


The Swedish gaming site is having a competition where the winners are welcome to visit DICE the 18Th of June and play Battlefield 1943 before anyone else!
I’m not sure but they are hinting something about Coral Sea might be playable, we will see =)

You will also be meeting me since I will handle the play test =)

>> The competition

Game designer school commercial

Want to be a game designer? don’t go here.
I at least hope the school is better then the video =)

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