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BF1943 goggles giveaway at E3!

If you are visiting E3 make sure you go our booth and pick up these awesome BF1943 branded pilot goggles =)


Coral Sea revealed!

Today we are revealing the 4th map Coral Sea!
It actually started as a “fun map” that I made on my spare time at work and after a few playtests it made it into the game as a bonus for you guys!

Enjoy and head out to the sun afterwards, nice weather here in Sweden =)


Just got a promotion, I am now a full “Designer” instead of my old title “Associate Designer”, do I need to update my buisness cards? =)

Also remade the PC control settings, not fully done yet and that means that I need to re-tweak all the vehicles, thats actually going to be fun!

Now its time for the UEFA championship finals with some beer!
Have a nice evning =)

Gordon Van Dyke playing BC2

A video is out from planetbattlefield where Gordon Van Dyke is playing Bad Company 2!

Awesome new Bad Company 2 video!!

Rolle and the animators have made an awesome new BC 2 movie for you guys to enjoy! 

BF1943 PC?

I am more and more switching focus towards the PC version of Battlefield 1943 now when the tech is up and running, be prepared for some nice suprises later on =)

New Iwo jima video! + Interview

If you haven’t already seen it here is the brand new Iwo Jima video we released today! Hope you like it =)

>> Click here for HD version

Gametrailers also have a new interview with my producer Patrick Liu:

“Only” 2 hours became 8 =)

Just got home after an 8 hour long workday on a sunday, little tired but got some beer in me when lunching so I’m happy, time for my sofa and some TV =D

Preparing for weekend work

Finally home to get some rest and food after a day of testing the trial versions of BF1943 together with Daniel at QA!

So how does my weekend look like?

  • food and TV
  • Later maybe meeting a friend at a club or more TV
  • Work tomorrow at 13.00
  • Party tomorrow with a good friend from my hometown
  • Work again =)

Sweden is winning against Czech Republic =)

At a friend watching sweden win against Czech Republic, feels nice =)
Preparing for a busy weekend with a lot of work!

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