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DICE & BF1943 at SGA

DICE visited held the event last night for the Swedish Game Awards evenings.
Yashar and K.M hold speeches about the developing of a game and more specific the developing of Battlefield 1943.

In the meantime I had installed 9 consoles loaded with Battlefield 1943 to have some fun in the pauses!


BC2 video made in BF2 engine =)

My friend Marcus Johansson, more known as Noken have made the Bad Company 2 video in the BF2 engine, have a look!

At the office

Another weekend day at the office, seems like the air is standing still today here also, good thing I got my own fan.

16 bugs take care of before I got home today!
Time for some coffee!

BF1943 Wake Island trailer!!!!

Here is the new video of Wake Island ;)

Gamespot bringing new news?

According to the official Battlefield 1943 twitterpage there is a rumor that gamespot will be releasing something completly new within a few hours.. oooh.!

Jump to Gamespot!


I’m off to Innebandy (floor hockey) soon but I will try to keep an eye on this when I get home ;)

BF1943 on GameKings

GameKings seems to be a very very strange dutch gaming show.. Please take a look, even if you cant understand what they are saying they are doing their thing right :P

>> GameKings show – “feest”

Battlefield 1943 have hit Alpha =)

Today we can proudly say that we have hit alpha, that means we have the rest of the time left polishing and fixing bugs in the game thx to good planning and nice efforts!


Be sure to send us an alpha cake please? :)

McDonalds launching gaming cafe? =)


BF1943 team meeting

Almost the whole BF1943 in a team meeting, excluding me taking the picture!
Added me in PS to annoy Gordon a little =) Gordon is the one sitting at the screen!


Sick video =)

Completly unrelated to gaming, but does this guy have skillz?

Inspired. Danny MacAskill from dave on Vimeo.

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