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My old site that I founded visted our office today so talk and play Battlefield 1943. I guess more info will come up later at their site but they have already posted some pictures fom the session. I heard KiWi got the images from the screens so wait around for them!
>> More pictures 

bfhq1bfhq2 BF1943 video visited our office and have posted a video with Gordon Van Dyke!
They mix dutch with Gordons answers in english.

BF1943 hands-on updates

We have had a few hands-on events of Battlefield 1943 and the previews are starting to come in!

» Gamespot
» Team Xbox
» (translated url)
» Joystiq
» Gamespy
» EuroGamer interviews Patrick Liu

BF1943 screenshots

PlanetBattlefield have come over some new screenshots from Battlefield 1943.


New Battlefield 1943 coverage!!

GDC is over and there is a lot new coverage coming your way!
Here is a video with Patrick Liu showing Iwo Jima!

Bad Company 2 teaser trailer

Gamereactor TV – Battlefield 1943

A swedish site have posted a video from GDC where he talks about his opinion of BF1943, but it does seem like he had a beer or two to much =)
Concentrate on the TV screen behind him instead!

GDC Ice tank

Here is a pic of the ice tank we had in the BF1943/BFBC2 showcase!

BF1943 producers off to GDC 2009!

Producer Patrick Liu and my associate producer Gordon Van Dyke is off to GDC, be sure they are going to make a big impression at the show and more coverage to read fom journlists!

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