Battlefield 1943 Q&A

I spent my weekend answering questions for the Swedish Battlefield community ,and now I’d like to give all non-Swedish speakers the chance to learn more in-depth what Battlefield 1943 is all about!

- Is there any support for clan matches?
– Why a 24-player limit?
– How does the replenish ammo function work?

These are questions that have been answered by producer Patrick Liu in his blog and by me at Don’t hesitate to ask new questions in the comments!


Will there be any ships in the game?
BF1943 have 2 hangar ships and LCVP’s.

Is there any support for clan matches?
There will be support for private matches in BF1943.

How many kits will there be in BF1943?
We have narrowed down the number of kits to 3 kits that enables you to do almost everything that you could do in BF1942!

  • Infantry – SMG, Hand grenades, Anti-tank rifle and a lethal Wrench!
  • Rifleman – Semi-automatic Rifle (Garand etc), Rifle Grenade, Hand grenades, knife
  • Scout – Bolt-action Sniper Rifle, Expack (C4), Pistol and sword/knife



Infantry and Scout seem to have some kind of anti-vehicle weapon, what about Rifleman?

Rifleman have his Rifle Grenade rifle that does damage to vehicles! 

Is BF1943 a “Internet browser” game?
No, BF1943 is not a Internet browser game, it’s a download-only game on X360, PS3 & PC.

Is there any stats system?
Yes, BF1943 will use a stats system very much like the one in Bad Company.

Is there any medic packs or ammo crates on the levels?
No BF1943 won’t have either.

  • BF1943 uses a regenerating health system 
  • BF1943 uses a replenish ammo system



The ammo system is balanced with reload and overheat systems. You still will have clips with 5/8/30 rounds that needs reloading.

Expacks and AT rockets are coming in “bundles”, you can fire the amount of rockets you have pretty fast, then a tweaked timer kicks in to reload the bundle!

All this together will give you an gaming experience where you don’t need to run around looking for crates and can focus on what’s fun, pwning enemies!  =)

How does the Air Raid work?
The Air strike can be called in by any one person and it’s controlled by that person!

How does the recoil and deviation system work?
BF1943 uses my new weapon design that instead of randomizing bullets in a big circle as in many other games, your bullets will instead “follow” after each other in a pattern.
This doesn’t mean that it’s easier to use the weapons but they will be easier to learn, control and master! 

Is there any unlocks?
We wanted to give all players the same experience from start and that’s why we will not use unlocks but give you all the weapons and gadgets from the start! 
But our stats system will give you things to hunt for instead!

Why does BF1943 have a 24 players?
64 players is awesome but will all good there is some hurting also. The 24 player limit is not about us being lazy, but the experience of a massive battlefield is necessary not bound to the amount of players! 
We have also optimized the layout and size of the maps to compensate for the 24 player limit.

And as many of you remember most clan wars  where player with 8vs8 or 12vs12 and what we have seen many of the 64-player servers are mostly half-full or having lack of performance.

Beside these design decisions  there are technical limitations. There are very restricted bandwidth limits on the consoles and we are networking a lot more than 24 players:
– 24 players are networked
– Almost as many physics driven vehicles with movable and destroyable parts
– All destruction, if a wall is being destroyed on one client we need to update it on all the others, otherwise we could end up with players hiding behind non-existent walls.

If we removed all destruction and all our vehicles we could have more players. But no other game gives you the wide gaming experience we have! 

I cant see any minimap on the preview videos, is it removed?
BF1943 will have a minimap at release, it just haven’t been added yet =)
The videos you see are recorded from a pre-alpha build and is not always the final version!

Has anything been done about base raping for collecting stats?
Yes, BF1943 uses an anti-base-rape system that makes it impossible to get any stats inside enemy bases! 


That’s all for now! Make sure to give me your thoughts and questions in the comments! 



  1. TNx|Just^stoned says:

    and pls dont include regenerating health in the game.
    one of the most fascinating aspects of bf is its high demand for teamplay.
    if you give away the possibility of health packs or reviving a great deal of teamplay falls apart.
    but this teamplay determins bf and separates it from ohter shooters. if I wannted to have regenerating health I would play CoD and not bf.

  2. Blah says:

    I honestly can not see how DICE can release this game and charge more than $10-$15 bucks for it. This is most definitely NOT a new game by any standard of the word. This is almost by definition, an expansion pack at best. How can you have charged $50 for a game like BF2 or 2142, rich with features, strategic game play elements, competent server capacities, numerous maps etc… Then a few years later, create a second “sequel” to your first BF game, with dumbed down game play, less features and three maps…and charge the same price?

    Unlimited ammo? Regenerating Life? WTF DICE? Why don’t you just throw in tactical nukes and quad damages?

    Four more years down the road should we expect BF 1944 with three “new” re-hashed maps and an added class? If this comes out as a standalone game, then it’s on the basis of pure laziness and lack of dedication to the fans that made this franchise great. Remember DICE, without the players, there is no game..and so far, everyone I know of that played the BF games religiously have already laughed this newest edition off

  3. A UGA DaWGfan says:

    Xbox 360 question-Will it be possible for 12 people on my Friend’s List to join a match and play together as well as have voice communication with each other during the match unlike in BFBC where you were restricted to 4 man parties and chat.

  4. mario says:

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  5. dazbobaby says:

    You badly need Akismet, it’ll stop all this spam…

    Can’t wait for the game, it’ll keep me busy until BFBC2.

    • Gustav says:

      Thx, I had it on my site just wasent activated.

      I also have user registration right now for commenting. Maybe i can remove it if I use akismet?

  6. Arksmasher says:

    I must admit that when i saw the site for Bf 1943 i was actually looking forward to it (because i didt realise how just how much the game is changing)
    I love Bf2 and Bf2142,I even enjoyed Bf 1942 ,But even I realise that you are changing the game so much for consoles that the teamplay is going to be non existent,No medics or support ?? as for the 24 player limit ,That is just crazy I love the 64/40 man maps and quite often struggle to get on a map as they r always full…Please rethink this game…Ps Release Patch 1.5 cmon guys play fair…B

  7. […] on the 360, PS3 and PC platforms and will apparently be available as a download-only game (see the Gustav Halling’s blog). The launch date is as yet unconfirmed, but is thought to be towards the last quarter of […]

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  14. Spud says:

    Hey, why isn’t BF 1943 being released on PC today?! There’s a lot of bitter pre-orderers out there who want to know what in the heck is taking so long, and why the game keeps getting pushed back month after month after month! At least give us a demo of at least 1 island or something!

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    hey i joined a game a few days ago and thier was 14 people on my team and i started freaking out. did you expand the limit or is it a glitch? please reply

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