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Good 5.1 system?

Good morning!
off to a mall called “Forum nacka” to find a good by cheap 5.1 home theater system for my TV. Any good tips?

GamaSutra interviews Patrick Liu

Gamasutra have published their interview with BF1943 producer, Patrick Liu!

Battlefield 1943 will be the first Battlefield game with regenerative health, an important design shift — why make the change?
PL: This is not a grand plan to implement in all future games, but again, something we think is suitable for this game in particular. 

>> Head over and read it now!

BF43 producers about SF4

Battlefield 1943 producer Patrick Liu and associate producer Gordon Van Dyke was interviewed by Gamespot UK about their relationship towards Street Fighter 4 together with a lot of other game developers around the world!

G4TV’s DICE blog (Lars Gustavsson)

G4TV where livebloggin at DICE’s Creative Director, Lars Gustavssons, session at “DICE 2009″.
Mostly about mirrors edge but it’s a quick read if you have nothing else to do =)

>> G4TV DICE Liveblog.

Yes Man tonight


Going to go and watch “Yes Man” tonight with a friend, hope it’s good =) 
Was a long time since I saw a Jim Carrey movie!

Bit-Tech is taking questions

Bit-Tech seems to be taking some questions that we are going to answer!
So if you can’t wait on my dev blog later on this spring swing by and ask your questions in their forum.

But my guess is that only serious questions will be answered so don’t waste your time with spamming “DICE sucks because PC isnt anoucned to have more than 24 players”.
Even that all clan matches are played with maximum of 8vs8 today ;)

1UP BF1943 tournament summarize

1UP‘s Tina Sanchez had a tournament on the last day of Comic-Con where anyone could challange her in a match in Battlefield 1943!

I knew this kid on my left that I was playing against was a 1UP user; when he first sat down to challenge me, the only thing he kept repeating was “you suck at shooters.”

Read the whole blog post here.

TGR talks to EA

TGR had a quick chat with an EA representative at Comic-Con and have posted it at their website with some wrong facts.

So Battlefield 1943 was just announced last week. Is this mostly a remake of 1942 or does it offer any changes to the original?
EA: It uses some of 1942’s maps: Wake Island, Water Canal, and Iwo Jima. It’s kind of a condensed version of the original.

Just to make it clear, Battlefield 1943 is being released with Wake Island, Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima, dont know what “Water canal” is =)
And we are not in any way related or trying to be like BF:heroes, dont worry.

Welcome to my “office”


This is where it all happens, where I spend most of my hours in the weeks =) 
Gordon Van Dyke just came back after his PR-trip to comic-con, seems like he knew that I had stolen his retail PS3 to play the Killzone 2 demo last week, news spread fast on the forums!

Time to hit the town for some beers


First evening out for a couple of weekends, hooking up with a friend at Odenplan, any other good places I should visit in Sthlm tonight?

Games to play this weekend:

  • Gears of War 1 ( want to finish this so I might be possible to play GoW2 =)
  • Burnout Paradise ( Just need to download all the addons! )
  • .. maybe finish off Dead Space

But in the end I probably only end up playing Counter-Strike:Source and Skate 2 :P
Any other tips?

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