Upcoming Rush tweaks next week


As anyone following me on twitter (twitter.com/gustavhalling) knows I have been very busy collecting feedback about the gunship in Rush the last 2 weeks and we have already made improvements yesterday, changing its spawntime from 60 to 90 seconds.

I am not finished yet however and late next week (19-20th) we are pushing out a new server with these tweaks.

Gunship initial spawntime tweaked from 15 to 60 seconds

  • This will fix the issue where gunship gunners can target defenders before the round starts

Gunship spawntime tweaked from 90 seconds to 120 seconds.

  • This will give defenders more time to “breath” before the gunship is respawned again.

Gunship “moving forward” delay between bases tweaked from 15 to 30 seconds

  • This will fix the issue where the attackers can parachute drop to the next base before the defenders can reach it

This is the 2nd step in balancing up the game mode which proves that the community are just much better at owning up on the servers than our in-house testing is =)

There is no shame in saying that the Gunship have been overpowered after launch but its not because we dont test it before hand.
As always even that we test 5 days a week at DICE + 60-80 QA for months YOU guys/girls play more hours together the first 2 hours after we release a new expansion!



You are free to comment in this thread but keep it to the point and I will moderate “spam” or just plain non constructive critisim also known as “whining”.
This is my personal blog and my twitter is my personal account and I will not tolerate it as “official forums” might and you will be blacklisted from the site. 


Upcoming #BF3 Armored Kill update


Locking down comments now because they are heading down a black road.

Tomorrow we finally open up the flood gates and releases BF3: Armored  Kill for PC and Xbox360 Premium player!

We have gotten some really great feedback from PS3 owners and awesome reviews. There are also a few minor things to fix and feedback which I wanted to address now to inform everyone we are on it and will update them as soon as possible.


These updates are expected to go live either late this week (Thursday/Friday) or early next week (Monday/Tuesday) for all platforms. Its to early to say when yet.

OBS – This is a server side update, players don’t need to update anything!

List of things we are fixing / tweaking:

Mobile Artillery
The Mobile artillery’s “Proximity Defense” unlock is causing players to “suicide” when being used in both vehicles with higher reprorate in the US HIMARS.

Gunship in Rush
Defenders have been having a hard time winning the last week and we are making tweaks to even out the battlefield =)
The Gunship will respawn after 90 seconds instead of 60 seconds in Rush after being destroyed.

Alborz Mountains Conquest Large (PC only)
On conquest large there is a bug where the Russian attack helicopter doesn’t show up in the spawn menu.
It is however spawned in so either drive down to it or use a airplane as a “spawner” closer to it. 

Have a great week and I will see you online!
(I will be hanging on the Webhallen servers =)

/ Halling


Post your Gun Master whishlist!

Good morning!

In a future update we will add more Gun master weapon lists for admins to select from.

What I am doing right now is looking into what players would like to play and select from and I want your own lists posted as comments in this thread!

We will still keep the normal list that we have today and add a reversed one but no major changes will be done to it after Armored Kill that removes the MK3A1 frag rounds with flechette shells.

Ground rules

  • 5- 17 weapons
  • Last level should be the knife
  • 1-x kills per level but same number throughout the list except last 2

This is your chance to make your ideas heard and I want to make the lists you want to play so fill up the comment section with them!

No one from DICE will be commenting in this thread,
its for hearing out your ideas only, not commenting on them.

Anyone who acts like me or any other DICE employee is a fraud.


#Battlefield 3 march patch – bug reporting


I hope everyone understands that neither me, Zh1nt0 or any other DICE related persons are commenting in this post.

Everyone claiming something else are fakers.

This post is a report forum only.


Today we released our new patch and while 99% are solid fixes and tweaks there is bound to be annoying bugs that finds their ways into the patch.

I am creating this thread to collect a list of those since I don’t have time to surf all forums and I will not find them all by playing myself.

However this is BUGS only, if you report things like “no commander, art updates, its not BF2″ you will get banned asap.

A bug is for example:
– Jet heatseekers not giving full damage

So if you find anything please comment using your twitter or Facebook account to login =)
/ Halling


Thx for all your help so far, got a good list and we are putting in bugs for QA to verify. We also got a few bugs that we think we can fix server-side but it will still take a while before that is possible.

Keep on posting =)


HTPC help

I am thinking about buying a HTPC/mediacenter but not sure about all parts.

My goal is a powerful but quiet enough to be on 24/7.

Chassi: nice looking, black.
Cpu: intel i5 2400
Mobo: needs to have 2x LAN ports for my xbox. Also no need for integrated graphic.
GPU: good silent that can play 1080 and HDMI (with sound?)
memory: 4-6 GB DDR3
PSU: silent and low cost when running 24/7

So mainly I need good Mobos and a good chassi manufacturing company I can look at.

Please comment with your thoughts and links to good project.
Price isnt to important but looking for a mid end htpc, I dont need it for gaming.
So maybe around max $1000-1200 for everything,

Quiet, good PSU(low cost), good looking is the key!


BF3: Back to Karkand screenshots!

CVG just posted a couple of new screenshots from Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand taken under one of our playtests, have a look!

This is what I am working on atm when I am not playing BF3 at home, now its time to play some more and get more unlocks =)


Battlefield 3 simulator on TheGadgetShow!

This is one of the most amazing things I ever seen.
There is no better game than BattleField 3 to test the world most immersive simulator!



BF3 SP Trailer is LIVE!!

Here is the new SP and Release trailer for Battlefield 3!



New BF3 Multiplayer Trailer with Karkand material!

Get your first glimpse of the new Back to karkand maps ;)


Sands of Fire – 43 min long machinima made in BF2!

This one of the most awesome project I heard about, a 43 minutes long movie made with Battlefield 2!

Have a look!

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